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Funke Greenline Hyper-Foam 2 Mattress SWL 150kg

Funke Greenline Hyper-Foam 2 Mattress SWL 150kg

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Decubitus therapy mattress with maximum weight of 150 kg. Applicable for pain therapy Up to Stage 4 (EPUAP) or Very High Risk (Norton, Braden, Waterlow Scale). 

Three layered hyper-elastic foam core (with longitudinal and diagonal intersections). Supersoft zone for head and heel relief. Firm edges provide stabilitiy when getting in and out of bed. PU cover removable, washable up to 95 degree C. 

Waterproof but breathable incontinence cover. Exceptional ventilation system for an ideal microclimate. Infection control approved (accord ASTM 1670 + 1671).

Cold foam using 22% less CO2 emission compared to conventional mattress

Suitable for care environment or home use. 7 years warranty

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