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Funke Hyper-Air Hybrid Mattress SWL 250kg

Funke Hyper-Air Hybrid Mattress SWL 250kg

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Decubitus therapy air-cell mattress with maximum weight of 250 kg

Applicable for pain therapy Up to Stage 4 (EPUAP) or Very High Risk (Norton, Braden, Waterlow Scale)

Top layer EcoLast foam, 8 adjustable foam-fill air cells for comfort with unique GELTOUCH techonology with cooling effect

No risk of failure due to self-inflating FOAM-IN-CELL-TECHNOLOGY

Supersoft zone for head and sloped section for heel relief

Firm edges provide stability when getting in and out of bed

PU cover removable, washable up to 95 degree C

Waterproof but breathable incontinence cover

Infection control approved (accord ASTM 1670 + 1671)

Suitable for care environment or home use

5 years warranty

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