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Balance Seat Cushion

Balance Seat Cushion

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Wheelchair or general cushion 

Double-Layers VETA-GELTM

  • Highly elastic special polymer with 99.9% anti-bacterial and non-skin irritating effect!
  • VETA-GELTM is a combination of Skin-safe oil and the special polymer
  • Excellent elasticity and restoring properties of it disperse pressure forced by weight and absorbs external impacts and fine vibrations.
  • Heat stability

Prevention Technology

  • Prevention Technology for squashed, twisted skin and blood vessels. The high-density and high-elasticity of the Double-layers honeycomb structure of the VETA-GELTM provides the optimum dispersion of pressure applied to the hips and thighs, helping to reduce pressure on the skin and blood vessels.

Double-Layers Honeycomb Technology

  • It is patented new technology derived from the honeycomb technology for withstanding weight (Buckling & Compression) of building in architectural engineering and its hexagonal structures are developed by millions of 3D graphic design tests. The technology enhanced its quality with Double-layers pressure dispersion structure having a thin-upper layer for hip and a thick bottom layer.

Air-pumping System

  • Each Air-cell of the Double-layers Honeycomb VETA-GELTM expels air and absorbs fresh air providing a comfortable sitting/ resting experience.

Grey colour only

Available in Medium and Large 


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