Buyer’s Guide to Homecare Nursing Beds

Buyer’s Guide to Homecare Nursing Beds

Buyer’s Guide to Homecare Nursing Beds

At Cape Abilities, we recognise that many of our clients spend many more than eight hours a day in bed. That is why we source high quality, safe and comfortable homecare nursing beds that are practical for patients and carers to use. We are a registered NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider, Country Care Group and Allianz-contractor supplier for the DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs). Our team will help you select the right bed or upgrade your existing one.

A man sits up in bed reading and recovering in comfort.
When buying a nursing bed, considering the user’s needs is paramount. Their mobility, particular conditions, style preferences, budget and even weight all come into play. If possible, we suggest testing out options before making your final choice.

Electric Nursing Bed

Electric nursing beds allow the user or carer to make multiple adjustments to the angle or format of the mattress at the touch of a button. Different sections will automate to raise the person’s back, legs or knees, helping with pain, providing pressure relief, improving sleep quality and ensuring smoother egress.
The Peak BH-989 adjustable bed (below) has the functionality for adjusting the head/back rest, a Trendelenburg feature for tilting the bed for either repositioning or comfort, and a knee break which can assist in preventing slipping. It is an economical homecare four-part bed that can be easily folded for transportation or storage.

The Peak BH-989 electric home nursing bed

Homestyle Nursing Beds

If you are looking for a more traditional homestyle bed (with options for fabrics and colour choices) but with the features of a nursing bed, then an ICare bed is an excellent option to blend in with the rest of your bedroom furniture without compromising on features. The IC333 offers headlift and knee break functionality as well as a Trendelenburg feature. It also has the high-low function which can be excellent for assisting a patient in getting in and out of bed or for carers to work at a safe height. The IC333 has a safe working load of 200kg.

Bariatric Nursing Beds

For a bariatric option, the IC555 King Single size has a safe working load of 300kg and has all the same excellent features of the IC333 (below). For a wider bed, it is worth noting that the IC333 Double and Queen beds also have safe working loads of 300kg.

IC333 bariatric home nursing bed
Super Low Nursing Beds

While low beds don’t prevent falls, they do significantly reduce harm should a patient topple or roll out of bed. Because they are low to the ground, you don’t fall as far so your injuries and trauma should be comparatively lessened.

Peak Accora Floorline Super Low Nursing Beds
Bed accessories

At Cape Abilities we also stock a wide range of high and low bed rails, bed sticks, backrests and bedside commodes – many in a stylish charcoal colour to look contemporary and break away from the standard hospital look.

A good bed paired with an appropriate mattress is one of the most important pieces of assistive equipment you can purchase because it can reduce the pain of certain conditions and help ensure quality sleep.

Talk to our team about which options will suit you: they will consider the user’s health and mobility, how long they are likely to use the bed, and how much assistance they require. A practical and easy-to-use bed is as much a help to the carer as it is to the patient, so it pays to get it right.

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