Complete Guide to Incontinence Products

Complete Guide to Incontinence Products

Complete Guide to Incontinence Products

At Cape Abilities, we take continence care in our stride as a service we offer to our clients. Because we understand how important it is, we maintain high stock levels and provide discreet delivery.

happy, confident over 70s couple - cape abilities cares about continence comfort and confidence.

To see which products are most suitable for you, let’s consider your type of incontinence and lifestyle.

Types of incontinence

The main causes and types of incontinence are:

Urinary incontinence

This is the complete inability to control your bladder at all, whether it is little seepage or a large gush. This is common in older people and may occur more frequently at night, during sleep. If you and your spouse or partner both have incontinence, consider unisex pads or pads for everyday use at home. The TENA range of unisex pads and fixation pants are suitable for men and women, and will absorb urine at the source. If you want to use pull-ups or pants, then measure your hip and waist for the snuggest fit possible so they don’t gape as you move in your sleep. Refastenable tapes and adjustable leg cuffs will also ensure a good fit.

If you want a men’s or women’s nocturnal unisex pant, the TENA Maxi solution range has the highest absorbency level to handle the largest volume of liquid.

Stress incontinence

This is the weakening of or damage to the major muscles like the pelvic floor muscles and urethral sphincter that control urination. Often, physical activity puts pressure or ‘stress’ on your bladder, overwhelming these non-functioning muscle groups, leading to leaks.

Stress incontinence is connected to movement and exercise. If you still play golf, work in the garden, enjoy hiking or even just have a social life with lots of laughing or picking up your grandchildren, you may need a continence solution that can handle all these activities. TENA offers a range of pads - including the TENA Men Protective Shield - which are shaped to your body so they won’t slip or slide around. They are highly absorbent so you have to change less frequently when you’re out but not bulky so there are no bulges under your trousers. Odour control is built in so you can have peace of mind in a social setting.

CapeAbilities carries a range of Tena continence support products.

Urge incontinence

Here, the detrusor muscles that control the bladder are overactive, frequently relaying the urgent need to urinate, no matter how little the amount. This is common in people who are ageing, overweight, pregnant or menopausal, or who have given birth.

Bariatric patients often have urge incontinence. We stock extra-large sizes and extender tapes so that clients are comfortable and secure. The TENA Slip Super 2XL is ideal for less-active users with waists between 160cm and 240cm.

If you lead an active lifestyle or are often outside the home, you may need a ‘wardrobe’ of pads and pants to cope with different situations. Consider how frequently you need to change and what bathroom facilities are available to you for changing pants or disposing of pads when you’re not at home.

For those who join our private mailing list, we send reminders for you to re-order so you never run out of the products you need. You will be invited to join when you purchase your first products.

Personal Continence Care

In addition to pads, liners or pants, you need specialist barrier creams, washes and wipes. Urine is high in urea, which is a natural exfoliant that softens the skin by breaking down the outer cells. The top layers of skin become thin, moist and wrinkled, leaving them vulnerable to attack by fungal infections and bacteria. Faeces can cause painful inflammation or ‘nappy rash’. Older or ill people’s skin is often already thinner and their immune systems may not be as robust. Leaving skin to soak in urine can cause significant pain, burning, itching and urinary tract infections, which vulnerable patients may not be able to communicate.

A three-step cleaning routine will prevent rashes and infections. First, clean up the area with a product like TENA ProSkin Soft Wipes, which can be used wet or dry. Then, wash with TENA ProSkin Wash Cream that is specially formulated for fragile skin. We don’t suggest using soap as often it is too harsh and not pH-balanced for delicate areas. Finally, moisturise with a body lotion or apply a barrier cream; TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream is fragrance and preservative free, and contains vitamin E and canola oil to protect your skin.

Cape Abilities carries a range of continence products from Tena. Shown here: wash cream, soft wipes and barrier cream.

Bed and seating continence support

Back-up protection is available for beds and seating. For users with heavier needs, consider the TENA Bed Underpad that can cope with medium to heavy urine loss. This can also be used on sofas or car seats if the patient is moved from bed. A disposable option is the TENA bed pad, which can be used for beds or chairs, while washable solutions include the Kylie and Conni bed/chair pads.

If you travel overnight, be sure to pack suitable underpads to protect your host’s mattresses.

Cape Abilities carries a range of Tena bed and seating continence support, including bed pads pictured here.

At Cape Abilities, our teams in Busselton and Bunbury know the physical and psychological toll incontinence can take on our clients. That is why we will give you honest, discreet advice on the best continence options for your specific circumstances.

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