Why We are Ethically Selling Certified

Why We are Ethically Selling Certified

Why we are Ethically Selling Certified

Cape Abilities invested in ethical sales training with an international business academy to help our sales team stay focused on providing the advice and recommendations that best suit our customers’ needs. We want to keep our customers at the heart of our business, and that means we chase their happiness, not our sales targets.

An elderly lady's hand rests on an elderly man's hand, which rests on top of a walking stick, conveying trust and confidence

Owners of Cape Abilities, Graham and Jo Mitchell, have always been mindful of the fact that their business serves disabled, injured, and elderly customers.

"Our customers may be feeling very vulnerable and not at their best when shopping, so we wanted to make sure our sales team gave customers the right advice, putting the customers before sales targets,” says Jo.

Non-Manipulative Ethical Selling

Jo searched for a way to train the sales team and discovered Non-Manipulative Ethical Selling online, and immediately signed up her team for training. Conducted by the Masters of Business Development Academy, the training was done over weekly Zoom sessions and included practical homework. Afterwards, Graham and Jo watched to see how it impacted their business.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say: better service, happier clients, and quality sales results.

Graham and Jo are encouraging all business owners in the South West to adopt this way of selling and proudly hang the Ethical Selling badge in their store windows. The Mitchells want their customers to feel safe and that they won’t be taken advantage of wherever they shop.

The Mitchells have shared their experience with newspapers and members of Busselton Chamber Of Commerce, offering to put interested business owners in contact with the Academy to get their staff trained and certified.

“I know we all need to make a living, but let’s do it fairly,” says Jo. “Wouldn’t it be great if Busselton and Bunbury became cities full of businesses that proudly display the Ethical Seller badge and do their best to look after their customers?”

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