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ICare IC20 Medium ActiveX Mattress SWL 200kg

ICare IC20 Medium ActiveX Mattress SWL 200kg

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The IC20 medium mattress provides a soft feel but excellent support which is why it continues to be the most popular ICare mattress.

Heat and pressure sensitive which means as it gets warmer it gets softer. So when a pressure point begins to develop it usually gets hot and enflamed, this area of the mattress will become softer which allows the blood to flow freely again. 

Anticrease XP base to allow easy contour for any profiling bed.

The IC20 cover is made with new Bluetec cooling fabric - it is underwoven with a cooling yarn to regulate body temperature.

It is rated as a High Risk pressure mattress.

It has a safe weight rating from 30 to 200kg

10 year limited warranty on mattress.

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