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Redgum Enduro Super Lite Carbon Fibre Seat Walker

Redgum Enduro Super Lite Carbon Fibre Seat Walker

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The Redgum Enduro Carbon Fibre Walker is a mobility aid designed to assist individuals with limited mobility. It is made from high-quality carbon fiber material, which makes it lightweight, strong and durable.

The walker features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use and comfortable for the user. The handles are adjustable to suit different heights and are equipped with ergonomic handgrips for added comfort.

The Redgum Enduro Carbon Fibre Walker also comes with a range of features to improve its usability. These include a large storage bag for carrying personal belongings, an easy-to-use braking system, and large 8-inch wheels that make it easy to maneuver on various terrains.

– Carbon fibre frame (5.9kg without bag)
– Height adjustable handles
– Ergonomic handgrips
– User friendly loop brake handles
– Brake + park brakes
– Mesh seating
– Padded Backrest
– Large wheels for excellent mobility
– Removable bag with carry handles
– Folds up easily for transit or storage
– Carry handle


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