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TENA Men - Level 3 Absorbent Pad

TENA Men - Level 3 Absorbent Pad

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An incontinence pad for men, the TENA Men Guard Level 3 is the most absorbent pad in the range - it's suitable for larger leaks and surges.

It’s just 11mm thin with a Secure Absorption Zone that quickly draws in and locks away fluid, keeping the surface dry and preventing odours from developing.

Like all TENA Men Guards, these are engineered to a masculine shape, tucking securely inside the front of regular firm-fitting underwear.

Each TENA Men Guard is individually wrapped.

Also available in: Level 1 (lighter absorbency) and Level 2 (moderate absorbency)

One size

  • 1 pack has 8 pads
  • 1 carton has 3 packs (24 pads)


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