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TENA Skin Care Barrier Cream

TENA Skin Care Barrier Cream

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TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream is a water-repellent, transparent cream, ideal for preventing and protecting skin which shows early signs of redness and irritation connected to incontinence. Fragile, aging skin is protected on a regular basis with a gentle protective barrier – consisting of glycerin, canola oil, and vitamin E. By applying a thin layer of the cream at each change, the skin is protected from the next incontinent episode. The gentle cream is perfume and preservative free. To help maintain healthy skin, it has also been dermatologically tested. Water-repellent layer Soothing and moisturizing Free from perfume and preservatives

  • 1 Pack = 150ml 
  • 1 Carton = 10 x 150ml


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