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Therapack Neck and Shoulders Pack

Therapack Neck and Shoulders Pack

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Australian-made hot and cold packs developed by healthcare professionals.
  • Hot or cold
  • Easy to use, comfortable to wear and versatile
  • Contains Australian lupin seeds for heat retention and safety
  • Covers vital areas without reducing mobility

Hypo-Allergenic Design
Hypo-allergenic and all-natural, they are easy to use, comfy to wear, and can be heated or chilled for effective pain relief or relaxation.

Superior Heat Retention or Cold Therapy
Filled with natural Australian lupin seeds, which were chosen for their remarkable heat-retaining qualities. Safe in the event of spills, unlike hot water bottles or gels. The packs have a 100% cotton cover that is hand-washable. The packs can be heated to treat sore shoulders, back pain, cramps, arthritis, and more, OR chilled to manage sports injuries, inflammation, headaches, or migraines.

Three sizes:

  • Neck and Shoulder, Medium 54 x 24cm
  • Neck and Shoulder, Large 60 x 28c
  • Back and Stomach, Square 28 x 20cm


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